Free DNA Tests

Free DNA Tests at Back to Our Past (18-20th Oct 2013)

Even though the BTOP event is now over, it is still possible to get a free DNA test. Have a look below to see if your surname is on the list and then contact the relevant Project Administrator privately to make enquiries.

Sponsored DNA Tests via ISOGG

Certain Project Admins are willing to consider fully or partially sponsored DNA tests for people with specific surnames. These are detailed in the table on the following ISOGG webpage and only partially reproduced below. Usually this means that you will have to provide them with a copy of your family tree, or at least your direct male line, or a link to your online tree - the requirements vary from Admin to Admin. For complete details please consult the full table on the ISOGG website.

This testing will be done completely outside of the Back to Our Past exhibition, and anyone wishing to avail of this sponsored testing should make enquiries directly to the Admins concerned as detailed in the table on the ISOGG website.  If the Admin judges you to be a suitable candidate, they will usually arrange for a test kit to be sent to you in the post. Then all you have to do is swab your cheek, stick it in the post in the envelope provided, and 6-8 weeks later you'll get your results.

And if you are a Project Administrator and would like to have your surname of interest added to the list, please leave a comment below with the specific details or email me directly by clicking here and I will add it to the list. Please use the same format as that on the ISOGG webpage or simply cut and paste from the fictional GLEESON example below:
Project NameName VariationsContact InformationRequirements

Gleason, Glisson, Glissane
For further details contact the Project Administrator at
to discuss eligibility and make arrangements for delivery of the DNA test kit.
A free Y-DNA-37 marker test is available for any GLEESON (or variant) who can provide proven ancestry for at least 5 generations or prior to 1850, who lives in the UK or Ireland, and who is not closely related to anyone already in the project. This offer is on a first-come first-served basis.

Projects offering a free DNA test (full details on the ISOGG webpage at

Project Name
Name Variations

Bonnell, Bunnell, Burnell, Bonell, Bunell
None given
Bunch, Bunche
Dalton, D'Alton, Daton, Daulton, Dolton, Daltuin, Dawton
Carpenter, Carpentier, Charpentier and similar variations.
Zimmerman, Timmerman, Simmerman and similar variations.
Courson, Coursen, Colson, Corsa, Coursey, Vroom
Courtney, Courtenay
Dalton, D'Alton, Daton, Daulton, Dolton, Daltuin, Dawton
None given
Dewland, Dewling, Doolan, Doolen, Dooling, Doulen, Dulan, Dulen, Dulin, Duling
None given
Hixson, Hixon, Higson
Holister, Hollester
None given
Machula, Mačiulaitis, Mačiulatis, Mačula, Mačulatis, Maczula, Maczuleit, Maczullatis, Matchula, Matschula, Matschulat, Matschulatis, Matschulet, Matschullat, Мачула
Meagher, Magher, Maher, Mahar, Marr
Mat, Mate, Mates, Matt, Matte, Mattes, Matts, Mayet, Mayette, Mayot, Mayote, Mayott, Mayotte, Mayte, Maytes, Meat, Meate, Meates, Meats, Meatte, Meyett, Meyette, Miot, Miott, Miotte, Myat, Myatt, Myott
Monahan (with any combination of vowels), Monaghan (with any combination of vowels), Managan (with any combination of vowels), Manningham
Mulvihill, Mulville, some Mitchells and Melvilles after review of family history; Brennans with a family history from Co. Roscommon or vicinity.
None given
Hogan, Ogen, Ogin, Ogun, Oogan, O'ogan, Ougan, Owgan, Wogan
Parsk, Pasch, Paske, Pasque
Fillips, Filups, MacPhillips, McPhillips, Phelips, Philben, Philip, Philipp, Philipps, Philips, Philipson, Phillip, Phillips, Phillipson, Philps
Pike, Pyke, McPike, McPyke
Pitts, Pitt, Pits, Pittes and Pytts
Rackett, Ragget, Raggett, Reckart, Reckitt, Rickart, Rickat, Ricket, Rickets, Rickett, Ricketts, Rickit, Rickitt, Rocket, Rockett, Wreckitt, Wreggitt
None given
Spiering, Spierings, Spierink, Spierinck
Tally, Thally, Tholey, Tolley, Tolly, Tooley
Euridge, Eweridge, Ewridge, Urage, Uredge
None given
Wheaton, Wheeton, Whetene, Wheten, Wheaten, Weeton, Weaton, Wetton, Whetton, Wheadon, Whedon, Wheedon, Wheden, Wheaden, Weedon, Weadon

Still can't find your name on any of these lists? Then check out the Comments section below for additional surnames that may qualify for a Free DNA Test


  1. I will sponsor anyone named Loughney getting a 37 market yDNA test. I can be reached at

  2. The R-L21 Plus Project at Family Tree DNA can sponsor one free 12-marker y-dna test. We can sponsor more if we get some contributions to our General Fund. To contribute, scroll to the bottom of the page at the link below and click on "click here" where it says, "To donate to the general fund please click here."

  3. My KENNEDY DNA project at will fully fund a Y-chromosome test for any male Irish O'KENNEDY/KENNEDY with a *rural* paper trail in Ireland. Kits will be sent out by me, not completed on the day. I can be contacted at the above website or at

  4. From Jeanie Atkins:
    I run the BREWERTON DNA project at FTDNA. The variant is BRUERTON.
    I offer free Y-37 to any BRUERTON and to any BREWERTON whose line has less than 2 testees.
    If a Brewerton applied and I did not know his line then I would test him.
    I run a one-name study and know the family history of most Brewerton's in the UK but the USA is not as well researched due to lack of records on line.
    There are Irish families with both names so happy to be on the Irish site as well as the main site.
    Many thanks

  5. From Donn Devine:

    Until the end of October 2013, one free Y-DNA-37 marker test is available for a DEVINE (or variant) who can provide ancestry for at least 5 generations or prior to 1850, with sources described, who lives in the UK or Ireland, and who is not closely related to anyone already in the project. This offer is on a first-come first-served basis and expires at the end of October 2013.

    For further details, see or contact the Project Administrator at
    donndevine [at] to discuss eligibility and make arrangements for delivery of the DNA test kit.

    Eligible surname variants: Divine, Devin, Divin, DeVine, DeWine

  6. Greg Flanagan is willing to sponsor a free Y-DNA -37 marker test for anyone called FLANAGAN or REANEY and who can provide proven ancestry for at least 5 generations or prior to 1850, who lives in the UK or Ireland, and who is not closely related to anyone already in either of his projects. This offer is on a first-come first-served basis. He is looking for county Mayo descendants specifically in the area of Killernan, Ardkill, Hollymount and Claremorris. For further details contact the Greg by email at flanagan2mayo [at] to discuss eligibility and make arrangements for delivery of the DNA test kit.

  7. This from Barbara Walker Good:

    Hi Maurice,
    Could you kindly post the following free offers from the Walker project. Thank you.

    Walker Surname DNA Project
    Contact poster or project administrator: Barbara Good,

    Free DNA Test offer to a male participant descended from Isaac Newton Walker 1780-1840. Contact one of the project administrators with your pedigree showing direct male descent from Isaac.

    Funding is available to pay for a 37 marker y-dna test for any male Walker who can demonstrate lineal descent from Capt. Richard Walker (1611-1687) of Lynn, Massachusetts, through his son Shubael Walker (ca. 1639-1688/9) of Bradford, Massachusetts. Contact: Gene Walker, email:

    37 marker test available for proven descendant of “Indian Killer” JOHN WALKER of Blount Co., TN. Contact the project administrator if you qualify.

    I will pay for a 37 marker Y DNA test for a male Walker who can show his descent from RENELDER WALKER, of Knox Co/Whitley Co., KY, preferably through Jesse Walker and his wife, Margaret Bishop of Whitley Co., KY. All of Renelder's other sons went to Missouri in the early 1800s. CONTACT:

    If you are descended from WILLIAM WALKER of Eastham, Barnstable, Mass., born 1620 in Southwark, Surrey, England, we have an offer to pay for a 25 marker test, for anyone who can document his ancestry back to the Walkers of Eastham. Contact one of the volunteer administrators for information: or

    From Janis: email contact: I'd like to offer to pay for YDNA testing for male descendants of:

    Samuel Allen Walker, b. abt 1785 VA, d. after 1860, probably in Nebraska. Lived in Macoupin County, Illinois, and Rock Island County, Illinois. Married 1) Unknown and 2) Nancy Thompson
    Jacob Walker, b. abt 1793 GA, d. March 1855 Macoupin Co IL. Married Agnes McLean.
    Phillip V. Walker, b. abt 1812 TN, d. abt 1865, Macoupin Co IL. Married Francis Best.
    John L. Walker, b. abt 1811 TN, d. after 1880. Lived in Macoupin Co IL. Married 1) Elizabeth Scroggins and 2) Lavina
    Elijah Walker, b. abt 1817 TN, d. after 1850, possibly in El Dorado Co CA (never went home to IL--perhaps simply deserted his wife and has descendants in CA?] Married Charity Dove.
    John M. Walker, b. 1814, Dickson Co TN, d. 1884 Macoupin Co IL. Married 1) Dinah Moore and 2) Harriet Gaskill.
    James Walker, b abt 1818 TN, d. 1872, Macoupin Co IL. Married Mary Bentley.
    Archalaus C. Walker, b. abt 1819 KY, d. 1887 Barton Co MO. Married 1) Mary Sawyer and 2) Elizabeth
    Aaron Walker, b. abt 1819 KY, d. March 1880, Macoupin Co IL. Married Nancy A. Best.
    Jacob Walker, b. abt 1822 TN, d. after 1870. Married Martha Ann Spence.
    Joseph Walker, b. abt 1823 TN, d. after 1880, probably in Macoupin Co IL. Married Barbara Weincil/Wentzel.
    Samuel A. Walker, b. abt 1832 IL, d after 1910. Married Eliza Ann Ward. Lived in Macoupin County, Illinois.

    Barbara Walker Good
    Walker Surname DNA Project
    Family Tree DNA - Walker Surname DNA Project Results (Main Page)
    Family Tree DNA - Walker Surname DNA Project Results (Y-DNA Results Chart)
    Family Tree DNA - Walker Surname DNA Project Results (Pedigrees)

  8. I just added Barton at ISOGG. I hope you will keep updating your blog. Terry

  9. MORGAN males from Co. Galway or Co. Roscommon. I can sponsor a 37 marker YDNA test for a male with surname MORGAN from northern Co. Galway or Co. Roscommon after review of family history. Please contact me at art.morgan+dna [at] if you are interested or have any leads.

  10. Free DNA Tests:

    [Project Name] BNL_dna

    [Name Variations] Bonnell, Bunnell, Burnell, Bonell, Bunell, ...

    [Contact Information] Contact Project Administrators listed at

    [Requirements] Free initial 12-marker Y-DNA test for MALES with documented ancestry of several generations of subject surnames in UK and Western Europe areas (Reviewed on a case-by-case basis).

    Steven Bonnell, Admin of BNL_dna Surname Project

  11. GORMLEY males from Co. Tyrone.
    I can sponsor a 37 marker yDNA test for a male with the surname GORMLEY with a documented family history from County Tyrone dating back to at least mid-1800s. Interested parties can contact me at dorothysnyder (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. Im after anyone doing DNA for the O'Rourke and Johnston/Johnson line. If anyone can help that would be absolutely fantastic
    Thanks in advance
    Lee Johnston..

    1. Hi Lee, check out the O'Rourke project at and the Johnson project at

  13. Anyone have a McHale and/or Scuffle project?

    1. Yes, there is! Check out and (Scuffle is a variant of Schofield).

  14. Please add the surname Callaghan/O'Callaghan to the free Y-DNA tests. I'll pay for up to two unrelated males.

    1. Hi Nathan
      I take it you are sponsoring up to two Y-DNA-37 marker tests? Do you have any stipulations about ancestry, etc? And please could you leave your contact details by way of a reply to this so that people can contact you directly to discuss if they qualify and how the kit will be delivered?
      Many thanks

    2. The only stipulation is unrelated males; request as many generations of their paternal lineage they can provide. I'll pay for the test(s) via the Callahan Surname Project's general fund. They can swab there (if kits are available) or order one on invoice, join the project, and e-mail the kit number(s) to nmachula AT gmail DOT com.

    3. My husband is Noel O'Callaghan, we can trace his family 4 generations before him, the story is that 4 O'Callaghan brothers left O'Callaghan Mills in Co Clare, & came to Co Cavan, when we do not know. we can be contacted at

    4. Nathan, I never heard anything more, did you get your 2 unrelated O'Callaghans. Regards Carmel

  15. We would be prepared to sponsor any Swan(n) with documented ancestry to Ireland before the 1901 Census. This would be for a 37 marker DNA test. Details of the Swan(n) DNA Project are on the FTDNA website. There are approximately 900 individuals with these surnames in the 1901 Census of Ireland.

    We would also sponsor any Picton who appeared, but based on the surname's origins this would be unlikely.

  16. Would like to know if there is free DNA testing for Naish/Nash line? Ballynash and Ballycullen town lands? Dawn
    We were salmon fishermen on the River Shannon. Have diary.

    1. Hi Dawn, there is no NASH on the list of sponsored tests. However, there is a NASH DNA project ongoing at You may want to check it out.

  17. I am sponsoring the Roberts surname kits (up to three 37 marker test kits). If someone gets a free sponsored Roberts surname test kit, they do need to join the Roberts Surname Project at FTDNA. Thanks,

    Wayne Roberts

  18. Le Gall FTDNA Project

    Hi Maurice, would you be kind to add the following surnames (AR GALL and ARGALL) in the name variations section. Thanks. Joss.

  19. Hi All,
    I'd like to add a free 37 marker ftdna test for any male Kelly that has proven roots in Donaghmoyne Parish County Monaghan.

    Also a free 12 step ftdna for any male Kelly with roots going back to the 1830's to 1860's in Carrickmacross, Monaghan area.

    I can be contacted at

  20. Anything on the McVey name from County Tyrone.cheers

    1. Nothing on the list I'm afraid. But you might want to contact the Admin for the McBee surname study at FTDNA - they have several McVey's in the project -

    2. Hi Ian, Just wondering if you have tested? my son tested out to 111, and matched a chap in the USA ( a McVEY ) Y107 out of Y111, they are definately cousins, albiet about 8th?!!! But all the way both sides of the Atlantic? They are both in the DURFEE project, with FTDNA, you may like to join that .

  21. Congratulations to Ms Guy from Cork - she is the winner of our first Prize Draw for a Free DNA Test to be given out at the FTDNA stand at Back to Our Past. If you are attending the event, be sure to enter for a chance of winning.

  22. Anyone doing "Park/Parke/Parkes" ; Casey; or Kane (aka de Caen)?

  23. i have got family name...heath...flannighan...and simon...i was born in jamaica but live in the uk most of my life and i have often hear in my family that we have got irish and scottish decendants..would like a dna to prove this...any email is u...

  24. Is there any place that is researching the wilson or cheeseboro last names.

    1. Hi Dennis, the Wilson name is being researched at the Wilson DNA Project at FTDNA ( Also, although there are three Cheesbrough's in the FTDNA database (, the only project that comes close to the name is the Cheese DNA Project ( You could contact the Project Administrators for further information. Hope this helps.